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Human Resource Management

W2S HRM is a simple, innovative, effective and user-friendly human resource management solution to manage everything related to the employees of your company. The software is going to help you navigate your employee processes. Managing and controlling employee holidays, shift pattern and more will be easy and smooth now. You are going to have more effective people management.
Today’s fast paced business environment organizations are going through rapid changes and your business needs full attention. W2S payroll enables you to run payroll in few clicks and pay accurate salaries as well as taxes. The software will help auto generate pay slips and sync it to the bio-metric device. Even when the employees leave the final payment will be quick clearing reimbursement balance, leave encashment, unpaid salary, gratuity and others. The complete hire-to-exit payroll processing is taken care of efficiently.

Why W2S HRM & Payroll

  • It is a user-friendly and flexible human resource management solution
  • Offers cost control and increases efficiency by giving your managers tool to enhance business performance, forecast present and future costs
  • Automated workflows for more streamlined operation
  • Offers powerful reporting and analytics features
  • Take care of your employees in better way by having all records and details easily accessible and manageable
  • Get more resources and customized service
  • Fit in any kind of budget and business requirements


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